NAVA is part of Eurodesks network

In December 2015 NAVA and its Headquarters in Plovdiv joined the Eurodesk network. The main purpose of Eurodesk is to improve the public access to youth information by providing information about the E.U. programs in the field of education, youth mobility, work, free time, rights, programs and policy. The database contains a huge variety of information at the European level, concerning young people.

The target of Eurodesk is to freely disseminate European information and consultations to a wide group of young people, youth workers and youth organizations.

As of now, Eurodesk covers 33 countries all around Europe and about 900 local Eurodesk information points. They are connected and work together mostly online and transfer information about a wide range of topics and questions, addressed by young people.

Bulgaria has been a National partner of the Eurodesk network since 2002. The National coordinator of Eurodesk’s network in Bulgaria is “Development Center for Human Resources”.  The National Eurodesk network has  16 information points all over the country.

Every organization,  which has gained the status of an Eurodesk information point, has the duty to be ready everyday to respond to your questions, based on the information available on the  network, concerning  you. In the modern world of technology this is the fastest way to success.

The Eurodesk network functions thanks to the financial support of the European Commission through “Erasmus +”  program managed by “The General Directory of Education and Culture”.



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