60 New young mothers and pregnant women from Plovdiv and Haskovo are being taught how to be better parents

Foundation “National alliance for volunteer action” continues its work on the project „Confident in the SAFE model”, which is being performed on the territory of the two biggest gypsy communities in the two cities. It began in April 2014 and is with a duration of 2 years as it’s being financed by foundation OAK in partnership with foundation LALE on the project “Faith in the children and family”.

For the past 8 months in Plovdiv and Haskovo were held meetings and discussions with the participation of doctors, obstetricians and social workers. The topics are diverse, connected with the stages of pregnancy, the mother and baby’s health, the food regimes, hygiene and sleep in the different months of the infant’s life.

What makes this project unique for Bulgaria is that in the neighborhoods there’s trained volunteers, some gypsies as well, that work with the young mothers on the field.

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