The team of the project “The voluntary work- a factor for a realization” visited Slovakia

IMG_3686The second work visit for exchange of good practices for the project “Voluntary work- a factor for a realization”, funded by KA 2 of the Erasmus+ project, was held from 5thto 9th October 2015. The team of the project – a coordinator and experts from the leading organization (Foundation NAVA), an expert from a partner
organization – Helping Hand Foundation-Dobrich, part of the system of NAVA, and partners from Italy (Danilo Dolci Centre) – visited Bratislava, Slovakia.

During the visit some good practices were exchanged in the field of management of volunteers in Slovakia and the ways of validation of the skills, acquired after voluntary activities. The team was acquainted with the methodologies and the standards of a different type of organizations and entities.


As a part of the visit the team took a first-hand look at the work of the Pontis Foundation – one of the biggest foundations in the country that has funded dozens of other Slovakian organizations, which worked in the area of an active civic participation and democratic values.

In the youth center UpSide it was considered an innovative model for consulting young people by volunteers who are studying psychology and social activities.

The team learned with great interest about the work of the youth of Mladi!nfo and INEX Slovakia, who shared their long lasting practice in the work with international volunteers and organization of summer voluntary camps.

IMG_3816In the last day of the visit the team went to the Centre for homeless people Vagus, where more than 20 long-term volunteers helped with the realization of the services that the Centre provides – food, clothes, accommodation, medical examinations and etc.

There is a plan for development of a programme called “Voluntary work based on skills”, which will collect the experience that was gained during the youth exchange in June 2015 and the work visits in Italy and Slovakia. The organizations in Bulgaria will be trained on this programme.

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