NAVA has launched a national campaign “Give an hour” 2015

For the 11th consecutive year, organizations, members of the network  of Foundation National Alliance for Volunteer Action / NAVA / conduct campaign “Give an hour”, dedicated to the 5th of December – International Volunteer Day.

The goal of this year’s initiative is a large-scale presentation of the benefits of volunteering, through the promotion of famous and important people who support it and those behind it. It will be held under the motto “The faces of Bulgarian volunteering” and will be carried out in two stages:

 Phase 1 – support from famous, popular people who are relevant to the local communities – from 23 November to 5 December 2015.

 Phase 2 – a traveling exhibition – from January to November 2015.

For this purpose, in the weeks before December 5 people will be selected and motivated nationwide, who are popular or significant on a national and local level, to express his support, by completing the sentence “I support volunteering because …….”. These people may be from different walks of life – politicians, mayors, singers, musicians, actors, athletes and others. For this purpose ​​a special template

was made – a postcard on which each of them will share their views in writing and affix their signature.


All authentic messages will be included in materials that promote volunteerism. With them and with pictures of volunteers from across the country and from all the Centers for work with volunteers, a traveling exhibition titled “Faces of Bulgarian volunteering” will be made. In 2016 it will tour institutions and settlements throughout the country and will address the benefits of volunteering and the people behind it.

The celebration of International Volunteer Day and the holding of a national campaign “Give an hour” is a tradition of the Centers for Volunteer work in the NAVA network. Each year, the focus of the campaign is different. You can learn more about past campaigns here:

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