Over 200 important people took part in the campaign “Gift an Hour” 2015

During the month of December, for the 10th year in a row, the centres for work with volunteers, part of the network of NAVA, conducted the National campaign “Gift an Hour” 2015. This year it went under the slogan: “I support voluntary work, because…”.

Over 200 popular and important people on a national and local level took part in the campaign and expressed their support for the cause of voluntary work, finishing the sentence “I support voluntary work, because…” and creating a motivational message for thousands of people from all over the country.

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rosen Plevneliev and the Chairman of the European committee in ПлевнелиевBulgaria Mr. Ognyan Zlatev took part in the International Volunteer Day.

“I support voluntary work, because I believe that goodness will succeed and it can change the world.” – R. Plevneliev

“I support voluntary work, because we need good deeds now more than ever.” – Ognyan Zlatev

I support voluntary work, because it is a cause that runs through the heart. The most valuable thing is that it is a selfless act: good will is the only thing that is needed, and it is priceless, because smiles come in return;  it gives us hope. also shared Ms. Maya Manolova, Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria

The football player from FC Basel and the Bulgarian national team, Ivan Ivanov also took part in the campaign:

“I support voluntary work, because it is humane and you can actively participate in favor of society.” he shared in front of the volunteers from Zlatitsa.

In the municipality of Kubrat, volunteers from High School “Dimitar Blagoev” reached to dozens of people, messages were sent from Byurhan Ismailov, mayor of the municipality of Kubrat, along with many others – deputy mayors, school principals, etc.

“I support voluntary work, because it is selfless, therefore it is genuine and it is really helpful for those in need.”  B. Ismailov

The young and active volunteers from High School “Dimitar Blagoev” Svishtov invited the mayor of the town, chairmen of organizations, CEO’s, rectors and many others in this year’s edition of “Gift and hour”.

“I support voluntary work, because everyone needs a person next to them, not only in good moments, but also when they are in trouble and feel the need of a warm, friendly hand.” Gencho Genchev, mayor of  the Municipality of Svishtov

“I support voluntary work, because it generates good deeds, which take us away from apathy and vulgarity and bring us closer to spirituality and love. Because ‘You will know them by their deeds’.” Prof. Dr. Mariyana Bozhinova, chairman of the Business Academy “D.A.Tsenov”

The volunteers from the Club of NGO in Targovishte motivated many prominent people from the town: musicians, sportsmen, chairmen of organizations, dancers, writers, artists, etc.

“I support voluntary work, because it unites people with pure hearts and  selfless goals, for whom the reward, that they are helping the ones in need is enough.” Antoaneta Boneva, sport shooter.

“I support voluntary work, because it is humane and honorable to be helpful to society, based on your own inner belief. Helping is one of the main human virtues and it gives the opportunity to be active and to participate in the changes, dedicating yourself to a cause.” – M. Savova, manager of ballet “Vega”

Volunteers from High School “P. Hilendarski” in Haskovo invited town councilors, managers of dance ensembles, school principals, contributors, athletes, etc.

“I support voluntary work, because kindness and love will save the world.“ – Hadji Snezhana Barasatiyan, honorable citizen of Haskovo.

“I support voluntary work, because everything good is worth it; every good gesture is valuable. Every smile gives happiness.” – Tihomir Bratoev, world aerobics champion

The centre for work with volunteers to the community centre “Napredak” in Pirdop gathered messages from school principals, teachers and mayors, as well as from the founder of the branch of the Bulgarian Red Cross in Pirdop – Penka Karamihova: I support voluntary work, because I believe in myself, I believe in the goodness I do!”

In addition to the Ombudsman of Bulgaria, the team of “Partnyori Kyustendil” reached to mayors, athletes, competitors, artists, directors, choreographers, who became ambassadors of voluntary work.

“I support voluntary work, because it is the most honorable thing in the world!”  – Petar Panov, mayor of Municipality of Kyustendil.

“I support voluntary work, because this is part of my worldview, because voluntary work is the one and only alternative to materialism and consumerism, because it is very important for our will to be on the side of good.” – Evgeni Serafimov, artist

The mayor of Dobrich, along with representatives of district and municipal administrations and chairmen of organizations joined the campaign in the town, which was organized by Foundation “Raka za pomosht”.

“I support voluntary work, because doing good deeds is a gift, that no one could take away from you!” – Yordan Yordanov, mayor of town Dobrich

Meanwhile, the community centre “Rodina” in Stara Zagora managed to invite to the campaign many foreign volunteers as well.

In Ardino, school and kindergarten principals, deputy mayors, teachers and institution chairmen sent their messages, thanks to the team and volunteers of the Centre for public support.

“I support voluntary work, because our society needs voluntary givers of good and humane empathy. To spread kindness – above all!” Selyahidin Karabashev, chairman of the Public Council for Protection of the Cultural Heritage

The volunteers from the association “Ekomisia 21 vek” in Lovech received messages from the mayor of the town, directors of institutions and municipal departments, chairmen of the municipality, heads of media, etc.

“I support voluntary work, because it is a stance for humanity and empathy; an expression of the feeling of responsibility. Because it is a will for change, unity with the eternal human values.” – Kornelia Marinova, mayor of Municipality of Lovech.

High School “Paisii Hilendarski” in Zlatitsa actively participated in the campaign by presenting the message to our Златица Иван Иванов 1national team’s football player Ivan Ivanov, to businessmen, champions, musicians.

“I support voluntary work, because this is a way to be empathic to other people. This is a way to open your heart and to share others’ dreams.” D. Sc. Iliya Garkov – vice-president and general manager of Bulgaria for “Dundee Precious Metals”, a company that is distinguished as the Biggest corporative contributor for 2015.

In the village of Trud, the Public community centre “Svetlina” collected the opinions of the mayor, councilors, teachers, school principals, etc.

“I support voluntary work, because it is a moving power for every humanitarian cause.” – Krassimir Minkov, mayor of the village of Trud

“I support voluntary work, because we need more good hearts, which could help people. Working voluntarily and selflessly is a sign of high culture and spirit.” – Nikolai Koprinkov, councilor

Here are more of the messages:

“I support voluntary work, because it is directly connected to being humane and helping people, who are in need of help, without expecting something in return.”  – Ivan Stoilov, sportsman, world wrestling medalist

I support voluntary work, because it is a way to share the love between us.” – Irina Aleksieva, principal of the Bulgarian school for politics

“I support voluntary work, because volunteers are amazing people, people who gift their time and energy for a better world… A good world, where every one of us wants to live in.” – Kristiyana Asenova, winner of the TV show “Golemite nadezhdi”

“I support voluntary work, because it develops responsibility, empathy and faith in good.” – Ivaylo Markov, director of the Public puppet theatre of Targovishte

“I support voluntary work, because it is an exceptionally honorable activity. To spare a significant amount of your leisure time and energy to help someone in need – only people with big hearts and kind souls are able to do that.” – Leman Kocheva, secretary of community centre “Rodopska iskra”, Ardino


To know more about the campaign, click HERE.


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